Greg Volpe

Pit Boss Nation, please join us in recognizing our Pit Boss Hero of the Month for February: Greg Volpe! Greg has served as a volunteer firefighter/EMT for the past 16 years and was nominated by his wife “because of his dedication not only to his family, but his community.” It’s Greg’s inspiration for choosing to serve that makes him stand apart, she says, as it’s rooted in kindness and thoughtfulness and is evident in everything he does. In fact, his compassion and gentle, understanding nature is what prompted her to nominate him for Pit Boss Hero of the Month. Especially since, in emergency situations, the ability to remain calm is crucial. “Greg's calm and comforting demeanor contributes significantly to his effectiveness as a first responder,” she noted. “His approach helps alleviate anxiety for those in distress and harbors a sense of trust and security.” Greg’s heart for others is also evident in how he chooses to spend his free time. For example, his wife mentioned that on Christmas morning, Greg could be found delivering a meal of barbecue that he made to the firehouse for those who had to work that day. “His willingness to volunteer his time and expertise to assist those in need is truly admirable and represents the epitome of selfless service,” she said. He shares his barbecue skills with his family as well, cooking up food like spatchcock chicken, pork belly burnt ends, and brisket for his wife and children. He’s also known to cook up enough food to ensure a family member living alone is stocked up throughout the week. “His favorite grilling experiences are the ones where he cooks for (others),” his wife said. “Greg loves to make other people happy with his cooking.” Thank you for your service, Greg!