Jade Dennill

We would like to recognize Jade Dennill as our Pit Boss Hero of the Month for December! Jade is a firefighter in Victoria, B.C. and has served in this capacity for the past year, a goal he said he worked tirelessly to achieve. He says he’s proud to call himself a firefighter due to the rewarding work of serving his community and having a positive impact on the residents. “I wanted to come home from work and feel good about the difference I’ve made in my community and to every individual I have the privilege of helping in what could be a very traumatic or difficult time in their life,” he said. Jade chose to become a firefighter not only to have a positive impact on his community, but also to show his children the value of pursuing something worthwhile and working hard to reach that goal. He’s known among his peers for his work ethic and the energy and positivity he brings to the job (and also for being a good cook). In fact, grilling and smoking are two of his favorite methods. When asked about his favorite experience using a pellet grill, Jade said it was the first time he ever fired it up after harvesting his first elk. Thank you for your service, Jade!