Ben Gainer

Our February Pit Boss Hero is known for his upbeat attitude and dedication to serving his community In fact, if you were to ask those who know police officer Ben Gainer, they’d tell you his positivity is unmatched. Whether he just wrapped up a long nightshift or has spent 10 hours by his smoker, he’s always happy and it shows. Becoming a police officer was Ben’s dream from a young age and was finally realized in 2018. He has served in this capacity in Pennsylvania for about 4 years. He’s described as a man who is dedicated to his job and the community in which he works. Although the job for him can be dangerous at times, he never complains and is always upbeat. When Ben is off duty, he can be found pursuing another one of his passions: grilling and smoking. He has always enjoyed cooking, but he really took it to a new level over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it’s rare to find an off day in which he doesn’t have one of his Pit Boss smokers fired up. Ben says he loves cooking for others and seeing their reaction the first time they taste one of his creations. “This fall I had my platoon over for a cookout and smoked ribs and a pork butt,” Ben said. “By the lack of food remaining, I knew it was a success!” Thank you for your service, Ben!