Royal Goodman

Join us in celebrating the selfless service of our February Pit Boss Hero of the Month, Royal Goodman! He was selected for going above and beyond the call of duty both in his professional and personal life. Goodman served in the Vietnam War as an infantryman, from which he returned, but five of his comrades did not. Following his retirement from the military, Goodman has found other ways to dedicate his life in the service of others. While volunteering with VA hospitals to help other veterans with their disability claims, the California resident got the idea to start a non-profit organization to streamline the process of doing just that. All of his time is now devoted to working with veterans through American Veterans Assistance, which he founded. “I think since I lost my five buddies in Vietnam, I will continue my quest to help other veterans as long as I am able,” Goodman said. In his free time, Goodman can be found by the grill or smoker, creating meals up to four times a week. He’s especially proud of his 45-year Thanksgiving tradition of smoking a turkey, which he says he accomplishes come rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Thank you for your service!