Ramsey Millsap

We would like to recognize TSgt. Ramsey Millsap as our January Pit Boss Hero! Ramsey recently celebrated 10 years of service as an Air National Guardsman. He began his career as an Aircraft Electrician working on KC-135 Stratotankers for the 161st ARW Copperheads at Sky Harbor, Arizona. He has also worked on C-130s and MQ-9s for the 152nd High Rollers in Nevada. TSgt Millsap serves in the Air National Guard because the broad impact that it has on the state and nation. He loves working with people and empowering them to perform missions like national security in Washington DC, operation Allies Welcome receiving refugees from Afghanistan, civil unrest response in downtown Seattle, global airspace monitoring through the Western Air Defense Sector, and many other major efforts that are undertaken by the 194th Washington Air National Guard. When he isn’t working, Ramsey is known for smoking delicious meals for those at the 194th Mission Support Group. He's spent many hours of his own time to lift their spirits by cooking up delicious things like brisket and pulled pork. He takes pride in getting things just right so that people can sit and enjoy a meal together, serving up plenty of briskets, ribs, pulled pork, and more. Every year around the winter holidays, their unit gets together to celebrate. In 2021, Ramsey volunteered to cook all the meat for the group to not only feed all the members, but also their families as well. Thank you for your service, Ramsey!