James Bain

Join us in honoring our December Hero of the Month, James Bain! James is a U.S. Air Force veteran who was deployed all over the world. Following his retirement from the military, he began working for Customs and Border Protection. He spent 21 years in that role, for a combined total of 41 years serving his country. As for why he decided to pursue this profession, James said he did so out of pride for his country and a desire to protect its people and their freedoms. Even in his free time he works to give back to his community by serving as a member of the Lions Club, a non-profit organization that organizes fundraisers to provide scholarships for area students as well as turkey baskets and box fans for those in need. Every Sunday, James says he like to grill using his Pit Boss Austin XL. He also enjoys smoking racks of ribs and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Thank you for your service, James!